torsdag 1 mars 2012

Utmaning på Alota Rubberstamps - Black Jack

Ny utmaning på Alota Rubberstamps´s blog - Black Jack!
Skapa ett kort/projekt där du kommer upp till 21 poäng! Det finns 4 kort av varje så du kan använda samma 4 gånger, papper räknas inte! 

The idea is to make a card/project by selecting any of the playing cards above. As there are 4 playing cards for each number in a real deck of cards you can use that particularly card up to 4 times. The total points you can use to create your card is 21 points. Card/paper don’t have any value, so you can use as many of that as you like.

Här är mitt bidrag!
3 x 1 Alota stamps + Faux Stitching 7+Butterfly punch 8+Stickers (RubOns) 3= 21
Stamps: Best Girl Friends, Flower Border and Valentines cuties


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