måndag 25 februari 2013

Greenhouse Society February

It's the 25th, which means it is time for the newest Greenhouse Society stamp set to begin leaving the Technique Tuesday warehouse! Here´s my card with the lovely flowers! Isn´t they beautiful!? You can find them here on Technique Tuesday´s blog!


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Hannelie sa...

Your cards are such a pleasure to look at!
beautiful job!!!

fairysparkle sa...

So beautiful love it .xx

annie sa...

Your cards are always so beautiful! Clean and simple (but I don't think they are that simple to make!).

Greetings, Annie

Cathy sa...

Birgit this is stunning! I love your cards.

Mia Adams sa...


Perhaps you were contacted and are already aware of this, if so, my apologies. However, I just wanted to let you know that your images are being used to advertise an item that isn't actually for sale on another website. There is no indication that these images/products/descriptions are from you; but I suspected that the images from the page were stolen, so a simple search led me immediately to you. I discovered them on a site called: Collegecanvas.org. They are a very new site (in beta) that is trying to promote a new handmade venue with college student sellers. I actually attend this university that this site was founded on, and was personally interested until I found out all of the pictures were stolen. These items (fortunately?) are not actually for sale, but they are listed under the pretense that the site actually offers them. One seller (a founder) simply lists pictures of a popular DIY project you can find online, and says "Contact me for a custom item!" but does not indicate that the picture has nothing to do with the seller...

It is my hope that you were contacted and aware of this, but I have my doubts considering there is no recognition of credit towards you.

You have beautiful items, and it really, really aggravated me to see somebody use your items likely without permission in efforts to promote something. Your items in particular are being claimed to be "made" currently.

One of the listings that features you as someone else's work:

I wish you the best,

Biggan sa...

Thanks Mia!!!! I´ve sent them an angry mail! :)

Gunvor sa...

Underbart fint kort!