söndag 8 september 2013


Leker vidare med Glass Beads Gel från Pyssloteket! Det är så kul och effektfullt!



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May Park sa...

Wow it's a beautiful autumn card! BTW, that's for sharing the supply list. I was always wondering what you've used for your project.

RosC sa...

Hello Birgit,
Two reasons to comment...
First to ask you what adhesive you use for glass beads glued to the work randomly.
Second reason is to say how much I like your work. You are very masterful with your choice and use of media, and the simply lovely designs are a joy to my eye. I visit your blog very regularly.
Thank you for sharing.
(From Australia)

Biggan sa...

Thanks Ros! The Glass Beads Gel is a gel with glass Beads..just apply it and let it dry! :)


Bonnie sa...

Came here via Pinterest and Wow am I impressed! I love so many of your cards, the white paper you use give your cards such elegance and depth, is it a specialty paper?

La Vikinga sa...


Charlotta / La Vikinga (still waiting for U in Stockholm)

Jen W. sa...

You've outdone yourself with this one, Birgit. Those leaves are amazing!