söndag 27 oktober 2013

Stor och liten

Det är min tur att blogga på Pysslotekets Inspirationsblogg idag! Jag har gjort två julkort med med de vackra julstämplarna, "Svenska Jultexter", det ena stort (8" x 4") och det andra litet (4" x 4")!

Tack för besöket!

4 kommentarer:

Mary Gillmarten sa...

Love these! Love what you're doing with the stitching and beads and textured card stock! I am so smitten with your work! It should be framed!

Anonym sa...

Beautiful cards - adore the details such as the beads and stars.
Lynne (your newest Follower)

RosC sa...

Your work is really lovely... Said that before:-)
I wonder whether you have hand-stitched or machine-stitched the first card. I have poor machine skills but as a leather worker I can imagine doing the stitching by hand so evenly.
Best wishes,

Anneke sa...

Found you via Pinterest :) Beautiful blog! Great cards! Love the stitches on these two!