torsdag 26 juni 2014


It´s long time since I used my Encaustic wax crayons! Today I made a backgrond 
for the sweet Daisy die Blashful from Penny Black! Love it! 


5 kommentarer:

whyducks sa...

Very Pretty.

EvaE. sa...

Wow, ist die schön!!! Eine sooo fantastische Karte, ich bin grad hin und weg!!!
Es grüßt Dich ganz herzlich die Eva!

Anonym sa...

Love that background! We see those colors in the northern lights in Canada. You must have a similar phenomenon?

Cornelia (fun stamping) sa...

I love it, too - makes me want to try encaustic, too!

Daria sa...

Every time I see one of your encaustic pieces, I know that someday I'll have to try that technique. It is so impressive and beautiful.